You may pre-order any products which are out-of-stock or any newly-launched products by placing a deposit at any [Parfums Givenchy boutique] (“Deposit”).  This deposit receipt will be issued to you once you have placed a Deposit for the pre-ordered product(s).  The Deposit that you paid will form part of the purchase price of the pre-ordered product(s). You must present this deposit receipt and pay all of the outstanding amount in full to collect or receive the pre-ordered product(s).

No refund of the Deposit can be arranged for pre-ordered product(s) except where such product(s) is not available within [3] months from the date of payment of Deposit.

When you place a Deposit, you are required to provide us with your contact details so that we can notify you as soon as your pre-ordered product(s) is available for collection. Please check that all details of the pre-ordered product(s) which you have provided to us are accurate and that you have supplied us with accurate and up-to-date contact details for collection of the pre-ordered product(s). If any of your contact details have changed, please contact us immediately at K11 Musea boutique (852) 21118930/  If your contact details have changed and we are not notified of such change, we will not be liable for being unable to contact you to collect your pre-ordered product(s).

If we have notified you to collect your pre-ordered product(s), you are required to collect the pre-ordered product(s) within [3] months from the date of payment of Deposit. If you do not collect the pre-ordered product(s) within such period of time, [we cannot guarantee that your pre-ordered product(s) will continue to be available]. If your pre-ordered product(s) is unavailable for any reason within [3] months after payment of Deposit, we will return the Deposit to you upon presentation of this deposit receipt.