Legacy is an inspiration and audacity the expectation. Whether a couture collection or beauty line, Givenchy is synonymous with irreverent elegance.

This is for the creative catalysts and tenacious dreamers, those who defy convention. This is the celebration of unfettered ingenuity and empowered singularity. This is Fearless Classic.

It all began with Hubert de Givenchy, a man of many dichotomies. At once aristocratic and daring, trusting of heritage and courageously pioneering, Givenchy’s fearlessly classic aesthetic is the foundation for the brand’s global vision today. “I’m lucky to be part of a house that is not afraid to be a laboratory. One that takes risks.” says Nicolas Degennes, Artistic Director for Colors and Makeup.

This penchant for experimentation has been echoed in Givenchy creations over the decades. The made-for-Hepburn-herself L’Interdit perfume has become a cult classic and created a legacy of its own. Phenomen’eyes pioneered the now-trendy ball-shaped mascara brush. Rouge Interdit Vinyl #16 Noir Révélateur appears black to the eye, but reacts with the skin’s natural pH level and creates tailor-made lip shades upon application. And onyx-colored skincare line, Le Soin Noir, harnesses the restorative power of black algae and showcased Givenchy’s capacity for innovation.

From couture to fragrances and cosmetics, Givenchy wares are really tools for transformation, encouraging the men and women who wear them to express their character freely. Each piece is pure artistry in its own right, but truly comes to life when worn.

Today, Givenchy upholds the fearless classic vision with fervor. It continues to prove that when creative limitations are lifted and sophistication remains a guiding principle, the result is sublime.